Huzzah! The Movie

500 Years in the Making

Huzzah! The Movie is an exploration of the modern subculture of renaissance festival enthusiasts -- patrons, performers, and players who look to the 16th Century to find what is missing in the 21st.

We've been very fortunate to attend a number of renaissance festivals around the country. We won't lie -- part of our motive in making the movie was to have an excuse to travel around, enjoying a variety of faires. It was a lot of work, but we never missed an opportunity to join our fellow rennies for a wooden pint and a laugh. Community, after all, is what faire is all about.

Festivals for Huzzah!

This is a list of festivals we visited during the filming of Huzzah! the Movie. We'd have loved to get more, but we did what we could. It's a pretty good list.

    • Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) in Plantersville, TX (outside of Houston)
    • Oklahoma Renaissance Festival (OKRF) at the Castle in Muskogee, OK
    • Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival (Scarby) in Waxahachie, TX (outside of Dallas)
    • Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS) in Irvine, CA (near Los Angeles)
    • Colorado Renaissance Festival
    • Kansas City Renaissance Festival near Kansas City
    • Middlefaire in Hillsborough, TX (between Waco and Dallas)
    • Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI (near Chicago)

    Festivals we've Attended

    We've also been to a few faires we didn't make it to for the movie.

    • Sterling Renaissance Festival (Chris) in Sterling, NY 
    • Sherwood Forest Renaissance Festival (Glenn) in Austin, TX
    • Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (Chris)
    • Hawkwood Renaissance Faire (Glenn) in Fort Worth, TX
    • Excalibur Fantasy Faire (Glenn) in Smithville, TX

    Wish List

    There are a few festivals we haven't made it to yet that we're dying to get to one day.

    • Northern California Renaissance Faire
    • Maryland Renaissance Festival