Huzzah! The Movie

500 Years in the Making

Huzzah! The Movie is an exploration of the modern subculture of renaissance festival enthusiasts -- patrons, performers, and players who look to the 16th Century to find what is missing in the 21st.

Every Festival we went to, almost every patron, performer, or peddler we interviewed, we asked this question. It was our finisher, our one last thing. We got a lot of different answers, and we'd like to share some of them with you here.

The Courtesan Merilee Effingham gives us a good definition as she prepares for a day at Texas Renaissance Festival.

Hawk from the Bedlam Bards gives his answer at one of our favorite faires -- the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival.

The Brew Master from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California isn't exactly fond of the question.

Glenn's Definition