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Huzzah! The Movie is an exploration of the modern subculture of renaissance festival enthusiasts -- patrons, performers, and players who look to the 16th Century to find what is missing in the 21st.

True Blood Rennies

No, the title of this post has nothing to do with vampires. As we asked more and more people this question throughout the filming of "Huzzah!," one thing became pretty clear: the hardcore faire folk had some serious definitions of the term, "Rennie." There was a sense that the generic use of the term, the use that I had often used and seen thrown around the scene, was a bastardization of something with a true meaning. Like most labels, there were just as many people who wear it as a badge of honor as scoff at the notion of a label in the first place, but even the latter knew what a Rennie wasn't.

The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival (OKRF) was one of our favorite faires. For a pair of Texans to admit the high quality of anything Oakie is a testament to what this festival does right. From the size and quality of the cast to the choice of entertainers, there's just a very genuine and personal feel to the place. One thing we were able to do is catch up with some of our favorite performers -- the Bedlam Bards. I never get tired of watching or listening to them play and sing. Both Cedric and Hawk were gracious enough to give us interviews at OKRF. Talk about a couple guys whose hearts are really in the faire. 

Anyway, here's what Hawk had to say when we asked for his thoughts on what "Rennie" means.