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Huzzah! The Movie is an exploration of the modern subculture of renaissance festival enthusiasts -- patrons, performers, and players who look to the 16th Century to find what is missing in the 21st.

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I'm Not That Crazy About the Term "Rennie"

Let's start this adventure at the beginning -- in the original renaissance festival. We were very keen, from the start of production, to get out to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California. This is where it all began... sort of. RPFS is the continuation of the very first renaissance festival in America, which has been running since 1962. It's in Irwindale, CA, in a large park -- a far cry from it's humble beginnings. We met some amazing people out there; some of our best interviews, our "I wish I was around for that" moments. There's a lot of history in that faire, literally. It was amazing how much fidelity there was to historicity. I'm really looking forward to going back there someday (might be some day soon, actually).

Anyway, as we always did, we asked the "rennie question" a lot. One of our best answers came out of the Brew Master. Here it is. Hope you enjoy.

What is a Rennie?

Over our years at renaissance festivals -- both before and after Huzzah! -- we heard this term over and over: Rennie. Thing is, it always seemed to be used in a different way depending on whether you put your garb on inside or outside the gates. Someone who has worked festivals for decades is certainly a rennie, but what about the people who spend eight, maybe sixteen weekends a year at faire? The more we looked at it, the more we realized that the definitions varied from person to person. While we're putting the movie together, we're going to post some of the answers we got when we asked people this question. But first, Glenn's going to get the ball rolling...